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Give Your Heavy Equipment Training A Head Start – Sign Up For Our Free Online Training

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Not sure if you are ready to undertake a full time heavy equipment operators training program? Why not check out our free online training program? The training can be done in your own home in your own time and is a great introduction to the field of heavy equipment.

Sure, it won’t put you in the actual operators seat, however, it will cover a lot of the essential classroom based knowledge that you require to become a heavy equipment operator. In fact, if you are a competent driver then, together with the knowledge gained from the online training program, you are half there; you simply need to learn a new set of controls.

Associated Training Services (ATS), is America’s oldest and largest heavy equipment operator training school and offering an online training package has been a natural progression from our offline training programs. Using the online training feature is free and there is no obligation to either complete it or sign up for any other paid or unpaid training programs.

The country is about to go through a period where heavy equipment operators could be in short supply. We are already seeing the demand for experienced operators increasing and as they move from the basic operations area to the more specialist roles, the opportunities for new recruits will expand.

Starting with our free online training program means you will have the opportunity of testing your own ability and thoughts behind a heavy equipment career before spending your money on the more formal hands on training package.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a reputation for producing operators who are ready to be put to work immediately. If you’re considering heavy equipment as a career then sign up for our free online training program and get a head start over every one else.

ATS And Heavy Equipment Operators Doing Their Bit To Rebuild Economy

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Across the nation the demand for skilled construction workers and heavy equipment operators is set to rise sharply over the next six months. President Obama’s economic stimulus package is behind a multi billion dollar increase in transport infrastructure. Spending includes projects covering new road, rail and seaport infrastructure together with bridge building bridge rebuilding along with road resurfacing programs.

With so many projects commencing simultaneously the biggest threat to their completion will be a lack of skilled workers. For those individuals who have in the past considered a career as a heavy equipment operator, now is the perfect time to do something about it. Heavy equipment operator training is a relatively short intensive course that will have you ready to start work in no time at all.

Our training organization, ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools is accredited to provide training in a wide range of heavy equipment, cranes and trucks (CDL training). Although we may not have a training facility in your state, we have certainly got the nation covered from coast to coast so there is bound to be one located close to you. The following locations currently have training schools with more being opened all the time.

  • Wisconsin – Located in Sun Prairie and offers training in heavy equipment, mobile crane and truck driving;
  • Ohio – Located in Columbus and offers training in heavy equipment, mobile crane, truck driving and GPS training;
  • New Hampshire – Located in Brentwood and offers training in heavy equipment and mobile crane;
  • Virginia – Located in Rapidan and offers training in heavy equipment and truck driving;
  • South Carolina – Located in Pelzer and offers training in heavy equipment;
  • Florida – Located in Lecanto and offers training in heavy equipment;
  • Texas – Located in Wills Point and offers training in heavy equipment;
  • Colorado – Located in Watkins and offers training in heavy equipment, mobile crane and truck driving;
  • California – We have two schools, one located in the south at Victorville which offers training in heavy equipment and truck driving and the second located in the north at Eldorado Hills which offers training in heavy equipment.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have over twenty years experience in the training industry. During that time we have developed a reputation for producing operators that are work ready. In fact, we have developed a network of employers who look to us when recruiting new operators.

If you have a yearning to sit behind the controls of a crane, perhaps drive a truck, or to learn to operate heavy equipment used in construction then visit our web site or give us a call on 1.800.678.8120. We can help find the best location and right training program to get you started in the industry. You will be embarking on a rewarding and interesting career whilst helping to rebuild our economy.

Heavy Equipment Operators Needed For Ambitious Construction Program In Florida

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Florida is about to embark on one of the most ambitious construction programs in the country with the demand for construction workers and heavy equipment operators set to at least double by the end of summer, perhaps even triple. In fact, the only thing that will prevent Florida from achieving its construction targets will be the lack of suitably qualified labor.

Almost $13.5 billion dollars has been allocated to Florida as part of the economic recovery program with Florida setting aside a massive $2 billion for transport alone. This includes almost $100 million for airport work, $135 million for general transit work and $1.35 billion on roads and bridges.

That’s not the end of the allocations either. Florida is still considering projects involving rail extensions and seaport upgrades. This will lift the total transport expenditure to well over the $2 billion mark – one of the most ambitious programs in country given the timelines set down by the federal government.

The biggest problem, as I mentioned in my opening paragraph, is the lack of suitably qualified people to the fill the job vacancies that will arise. Considering every other state has construction programs taking place at the same time, labor requirements will need to be sourced locally, not from interstate. The only way to achieve this is through a strong training and recruitment program.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a training facility located in Lecanto a little north of Tampa. Our training facility is geared towards training individuals in a broad range of heavy equipment including motor graders, bulldozers, front end loaders and excavators to name just a few.

Florida will be looking for qualified heavy equipment operators in the near future – and we are talking about a lot of operators here – so undertaking your training in preparation for this demand will enable you to participate in the nations largest infrastructure program in history. For heavy equipment training in Florida, make us your first stop.

Heavy Equipment Training In South Carolina Targeting Highway Construction

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

The majority of the federal economic stimulus package is to go towards interstate highway construction in South Carolina. This has led to a call for more skilled construction workers, particularly those able to operate the heavy equipment required to construct roads. If you have been wondering about heavy equipmenet training in South Carolina then wonder no more.

AT ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools we specialize in heavy equipment training through our training facility in Pelzer. We have been training heavy equipment operators across the nation for decades and stand ready to train new recruits as operators to help in the nations recovery process.

In South Carolina, there are almost $500 million being spent on infrastructure, under the federal recovery program. Under this program, roads and bridges will receive huge grants to enable their construction.

Bridges will be one of the major areas of construction with over $70 million already allocated to projects. This is one area where demand for heavy equipment operators will be felt most. Finding qualified and experienced operators for all the projects will be difficult. They will need to be dragged from existing project to handle some of the more technical aspects of bridge building.

This will leave large gaps in the construction industry around the state. It is hoped that by training new operators employers will be able to fill in the gaps left by recruitment of more experienced operators to bridge building.

Students of ATS are fortunate as our training covers a wide range of heavy equipment used in the field of construction. Graduates will be able to find work quite quickly as the more experienced operators move onto more difficult projects.

Heavy equipment training in South Carolina
is on the increase so those individuals looking to enter this career need to act quickly before training places fill. You can access our website and apply online or call one of friendly advisers who can answers all your questions and help you select the right training program for your circumstances. Call us – it’s obligation free and may be the first step to a new career by undertaking heavy equipment training South Carolina.

Demand For Heavy Equipment Training In Virginia On The Rise

Friday, March 27th, 2009

The demand for heavy equipment training in Virginia is growing and as more details of the federal stimulus program are released. Virginia is expecting to spend almost $700 million on transport infrastructure through the program with $118 million targeting state’s three urban metropolitan areas.

Transport infrastructure of course means roads and rail, areas that are labor intensive. Skilled operators for a variety of heavy equipment machinery will be required especially those that can operate a variety of machinery.

The highest demand will be bulldozer operators, front end loader operators and motor grader operators. Specialist operators will also be in demand to lay paving and to operate roller machinery. Entry level operators will find plenty of employment opportunities as bulldozer and loader operators.

Entry level operators will require formal training before employers even consider their applications. Those individuals who can complete their training now and build some operating hours will find employment even easier – skills and experience are always a big factor.

You can undertake heavy equipment training in Virginia through ATS’ Heavy Equipment Operator School located in Rapidan. The Rapidan school can also deliver truck driver training for those interested in obtaining their Virginia CDL.

Why choose ATS as your heavy equipment training organization? At ATS we believe in providing students with a training program that introduces a wide variety of heavy equipment machinery. You will learn to operate equipment ranging from a motor grader through bulldozers to front end loaders. This will provide you with entry level skills that you can further develop in the workplace.

Having a variety of heavy equipment skills ensures you are more employable. Our heavy equipment training in Virginia has developed a record of excellence with employers often coming to us to source their labor. Are you going to be a part of the economic recovery?

California Requires Heavy Equipment Operators For 57 New Projects

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

California is leading the way when it comes to spending the federal economic stimulus packages. They have already put in place 57 projects which are expected to create 11,000 new jobs if 1% are for new heavy equipment operator positions, that equates to 110 new jobs.

In reality, the number of new positions created could be as high 5% or around 500 new heavy equipment operators. Given the demand on these skills from other states and from projects already commenced and you will have some understanding of the need to train new operators now, ready for the commencement of these projects.

It should also be understood that this is only the start. These are the projects approved to ready to start, there are more in the pipeline. With over $600 million to spend, they are now looking at projects that had in the past been put aside as too expensive. Construction in California is set to boom with demands across all skill levels skyrocketing. Skilled heavy equipment operators can be hard to find during these times due to the cost of training – people can be reluctant to spend when times are tough.

Cost need not be a major factor however. For those looking for heavy equipment training in California, ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools may have the answer to your problems. We have two training facilities in California, one in Victorville and and on in Eldorado Hills. Both facilities deliver comprehensive heavy equipment training.

The good news for those looking to enter the heavy equipment profession is that payment for your training does not necessarily need to be an issue. We have a variety of payment options and there is bound to be one that suits your needs. Just visit our site and complete an online financial assistance for heavy equipment training form. We will generally process the form within 48 hours.

Heavy Equipment Training In Texas Ready To Handle Jobs Growth

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Texas is one of the fortunate states with its economy still growing, albeit very slowly. However, growth is growth and in the last financial year the state has more than doubled the national averages when it comes to growth. With growth comes jobs and with jobs there is a requirement for training. Demand for heavy equipment training in Texas is set to grow even faster following the announcement of the Federal Stimulus package.

The growth seen in Texas has already seen almost $10 billion in business investment for new buildings or the extensions of existing buildings. Construction is a high growth area and as it continues to grow the demand for heavy equipment operators increases.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a training facility located in Wills Point, Texas. This school specializes in the training of heavy equipment operators with training being delivered on a wide range of construction equipment.

We have networked with hundreds of construction businesses nationwide (including Texas) so our job placement program has the resources to help to match you with a suitable employer. With construction jobs tipped to explode in the coming months, finding work will not be as difficult as some people imagine.

If you are looking to take on a career as a heavy equipment operator in the state of Texas then you will need training – employers will not hire unskilled operators to handle their expensive machinery. Finding heavy equipment training in Texas is not a difficult task – just call us or visit our website where you will find information about the training programs available.

700 Heavy Equipment Operators Needed In Ohio

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

According to the official Ohio job site, there are currently 732 vacancies for heavy equipment operators with more than 300 paying in excess $40000 per year. That’s a good wage and Ohio isn’t that bad a place to live in.

If you think that is a lot of job vacancies then wait and see what happens when the federal recovery package starts to kick in. The Ohio Department of Transportation currently estimates the recovery package will total approximately $774 million for road and bridge work. This will require even more skilled construction workers including heavy equipment operators.

You will often hear people talking about the slump in construction and the recession we are going through. Whilst it is true there have been job loses, you cannot paint every professional with the same economic brush. When times are tough there are many industries that actually boom. Gambling and alcohol have always been big winners during recessions. I guess people try to win their way out of trouble and when that doesn’t work, they drown their sorrows. Once they sober up they start building and that requires the services of qualified heavy equipment operators.

Governments of course always use construction to try and trigger economic growth. This is why construction is one of the first growth areas in any economic recovery. Heavy equipment operators, from truck and crane drivers through to dozer, excavator and loader drivers are required in almost all areas of construction.

For individuals looking to gain employment in the field of heavy equipment their first step is to undertake training to gain the skills required to work effectively. Those skills can only be gained by attending and completing a thorough heavy equipment training program.

If you’re looking for heavy equipment training in Ohio then the place to be is in Columbus. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a comprehensive training facility in Columbus where you can undertake training in crane operations, truck driving and a broad range of heavy equipment. Most modern equipment uses GPS as part of their navigation so we also provide GPS training.

Who says there is no work available for heavy equipment operators. Nationwide, the demand is growing almost daily. If you’re looking for a career change then consider heavy equipment operations. It can be lucrative and extremely rewarding and right now, the economic recovery efforts needs people with those skills.

Demand For Heavy Equipment Operators Set To Boom In Wisconsin

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

If you’re a heavy equipment operator in Wisconsin then you are going to be in for a busy spring, summer and fall this year. The Federal Recovery Act is providing around $529 million to Wisconsin for state and local highway and bridge projects.

Checking the Wisconsin Job Center web site there are already almost 100 heavy equipment related job advertised with many more starting to appear in newspapers – and the contracts haven’t even been awarded yet. For truck drivers, there are almost 300 jobs being advertised.

One of the key elements of the Recovery Act is that the dollars invested into each state is not just targeted at construction – it is also designed to increase employment within the construction industry – this includes heavy equipment operators. Let’s face it, the majority of construction jobs wouldn’t get off the ground if the heavy equipment operators are not there to prepare the sites.

That is where most states are starting to run into problems. There will be an increasing shortage of skilled and qualified heavy equipment operators. Many project across the nation will commence at roughly the same time and they will all need operators at roughly the same time. They may be highly skilled, but they not skilled enough to be in two place at once.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are doing their part to help ease this skill shortage. For residents of Wisconsin and nearby states, we have a major training facility at Sun Prairie that has been producing skilled heavy equipment operators for the construction industry for many years.

Construction is set to boom across the nation and the requirement for heavy equipment operators will soon increase markedly. For heavy equipment training in Wisconsin, check out ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools. We will a

Heavy Equipment Opportunities In New Hampshire

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

The opportunities for employment in the heavy equipment field are about to get a huge boost in the New Hampshire area with an estimated $259.3 M being spent on highway construction and maintenance alone during the next two years. This is part of the new Economic Stimulus package with additional funding coming from the State budget.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT), $136.6 M will be allocated immediately and the total expenditure includes almost $95 M in new highway and bridge projects. One of the problems that many construction companies are facing as they prepare their tenders for these projects is the lack of suitably skilled construction workers including heavy equipment operators.

New Hampshire alone is expecting to increase its construction workforce by several thousand – that is over and above its current construction workforce. The push now is to get those interested in a career in construction trained to a level where they can be effectively employed. Heavy equipment operator training will be one of the areas of primary focus as they are the first to be employed on most new projects.

Fortunately for residents in New Hampshire, we have a heavy equipment training facility conveniently located in Brentwood. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools provide training in a wide of range of construction related machinery ranging from the bulldozers and excavators through to cranes and trucks (including CDL training).

Heavy equipment operations is going to be one of the employment growth areas over the next twelve months due to the Federal Economic Stimulus package. For heavy equipment training in New Hampshire, check out our website and the training options that may assist you take advantage of this growth.

* Associated Training Services fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and will prepare candidates for the CCO certification examinations.

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