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Heavy Equipment Employment Starting To See Home Construction Growth

Employment in construction and heavy equipment operations is on the improve with pressure mounting to find sufficient skilled operators to complete contracted work on time. February saw the first real increase in new home constructions for seven months. According to the Wall Street Journal, February’s new starts were up 22% on January with the biggest growth being in apartment construction. However, even single-family homes increased marginally.

Apartment and multi-family dwellings had a massive 82% increase for the year. Home construction numbers of course rise and fall rapidly and cannot always be a real economic indicator. However, add in the Obama Stimulus Package that will see an huge increase in general construction, particularly roads, bridges and schools and suddenly you have a lot of pressure building on the construction industry and a lot of pressure on heavy equipment to complete ground clearing activities.

One of the causes for this increase in home building is undoubtedly the foresight of developers looking to get their works completed before the demand for construction crews really picks up. Whilst labor for house building is not the same as that required for road building, the heavy equipment operators that prepare the way are the same. Add to that the fact that heavy equipment operators are always the first crew required on any construction site, you can see why the lack of trained operators is starting to bite.

Those looking for a career change should, if they are interested in outdoor work, consider undertaking training in the field of heavy equipment operations. The training is not difficult and the work itself, whilst at times challenging, is interesting and varied. Even in tough economic climates, the construction industry is almost always the last to fall and the first to recover. This provides a reasonable level of job security when compared to many other employment sectors.

Employment in the construction sector is set to boom with areas like heavy equipment operations being the first to feel the pinch when it comes to a lack of suitably qualified heavy equipment operators. The smart individuals will get their heavy equipment training completed now so they are prepared for what should be a very busy couple of years. Heavy equipment operators are needed now – are you going to be one of them?

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