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Crane Operator Safety

Crane Operator Safety Training

Cranes are a necessity in the construction industry. By using their hooks and booms, cranes help transport large and heavy materials at the work site. Cranes are created to help lessen the load of the workers and make their jobs easier, transporting things that are too heavy or dense for the workers to transport otherwise.

Essential to work site safety procedures

Without proper safety protocols in place, and without proper safety procedures, cranes can be dangerous to workers and passersby.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 44 people die in crane-related accidents in the U.S. each year. Crane accidents occur equally at construction sites (24%) and factories or plants (24%), with nearly 70% of crane accident fatalities occurring in the specialty trade, heavy and civil engineering, and construction industries.

More than half of the reported fatal crane injuries involved the worker being struck by an object or equipment. Also, cranes can pose a risk to pedestrians, cyclists, and passing motorists.

Reports indicate that 90% of crane accidents are the result of human error, so they could have been prevented. It is imperative for those working on or around cranes to undergo the proper safety training, so accidents can be avoided and injuries can be prevented.

ATS offers training for crane operators and also offers safety courses as well. Call today to learn about the available programs.

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