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Hotel Construction

Trends In Hotel Construction

There have been major changes in the hotel construction process. These changes are because of changing demands of both hotel owners and operators as well as hotel guests. Regardless of whether the construction project is a new construction, a gut renovation, or an expansion, these changes are here to stay. Here are a few of the current popular trends in hotel construction.

  • The 2030 challenge – Which is the American Institute of Architects 2030 Challenge has the aim of limiting or minimizing damage caused when there is a construction project.
  • Sustainability – Build sustainability, so it will last longer and minimize waste and use.
  • Seco-Friendly – Share your sustainability story by constructing around eco-friendly experiences and environmental initiatives while using eco-friendly products when possible.
  • Modular Developments – Modular developments are not as limited anymore, and now, they help push the boundaries further and are used in top-end developments.
  • Planning For Longer Construction Times – Delays are happening. There are supply chain shortages and it is taking longer to get what you need to do the job, so figure in that extra time when giving an estimate for project completion.
  • Use Local Sourcing – Try to get as many materials and things as you can locally, so you limit the travel time and limit the carbon footprint as well.
  • Know Where Materials Come From – Know where the materials are coming from, so you can figure out how long it will take to get them. Also, know if they are in stock or on backorder.

These trends have become part of the norm in the construction industry. What was once predictable is no longer as predictable, and you never know what challenges may be thrown your way, so plan ahead.

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