Digger Derrick Training For Utility Work

Digger Derrick Training for utility work

There are an increasing number of homes and new businesses being built around the country, with projects in every state providing new builds or renovating existing structures or repurposing larger developments. However, that construction does not end at the project site, and all this activity means that there is an increase in utility needs and digger derrick operators as well.…

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Digger Derrick – What Is It Used For?

Digger Derrick – What is it used for?

While driving down a highway or interstate, have you ever wondered how telephone poles or large electrical poles get there? How about when passing road work and seeing a large truck drilling in the ground? The truck is known as a Digger Derrick. A Digger Derrick is a large, crane-like truck with an attachment called an auger. The auger looks…

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What’s a Digger Derrick?

A digger derrick is a type of truck that allows you to dig holes, lift heavy materials, and hoist long objects like utility poles. Associated Training Services now have a Digger Derrick Training Class where we teach potential operators how to operate the equipment safely, among other things. Here is a short rundown of some of the things you'll learn…

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