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nonresidential construction

Nonresidential construction increases

National nonresidential construction spending increased by 1.9% during the month of April, according to a report published by the U.S. Census Bureau that was associated with an analysis conducted by the Associated Builders and Contractors. Non-residential spending totaled $1.05 trillion when seasonally adjusted.

Further data released estimated that construction job openings are expected to increase by at least 68,000 by the end of April. Data was based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Job Turnover Survey.

A job opening is any unfilled position that an employer is recruiting for. While job openings have increased this year, they are down by 35,000 openings for the same month last year. Looking toward the reset of the year, many experts expect the number of job openings to continue to climb because construction projects are still in demand, and with infrastructure projects slated throughout the country, there will be more openings for construction workers.

Nonresidential Projects

While residential construction is down, there is still a need for workers to handle nonresidential construction projects. The number of manufacturing construction jobs continue to increase as do the number of nonresidential projects as a whole. Infrastructure jobs also require a number of construction workers  to complete the job.

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