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Need Specialized Training? ATS Can Help

Sometimes, the unique circumstances of a job site or the niche a company has worked hard to develop require heavy equipment operators who have specialized training for the specialized tasks they are expected to perform. ATS Specialized can come to the site or provide classes in their training facility. This training falls under these categories:

Why ATS Specialized?

The value of ATS-Specialized training is the experience behind the instruction. Since 1959 there has been training happening at ATS, and that means we’ve developed the skills and understanding it takes to train operators who meet today’s standards with the advantage of accumulated wisdom.

The curriculum is up to date, the instructors are certified, the accreditation is nationally respected, and the customers have been satisfied for decades. What more could you ask for?

Ask For The Training That Fits Your Needs

The skilled trades industries operate in a wide variety of environments, doing a broad spectrum of work, under lengthy regulations specific to the task, and often have customers who need unique challenges met. A solid basic operator training course is a good foundation, but the skills and knowledge must be built on that foundation before the job can be done.

Since the training team can come to the site, their valuable experience and insight can be utilized to make sure all the factors are taken into consideration and your workers are trained the way they should be for the job.

For more information on ATS Specialized training please call us at (800) 678-8149.

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