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20 Years of NCCCO: The Unsurprising Result

Two decades ago, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) was not thought to be such good news. This quote from their recent press release shows that the start was a bit rocky:

“Initial response to what at that time was the new and often misunderstood process of certification was mixed,” recalls Kerry Hulse, who played a leading role insteering the certification process from its infancy and currently serves the NCCCO Board of Directors as Vice President. “But as we sit here today and reflect on the progress that has been made over the years, I can certainly say it has been a remarkable journey—even one that has far exceeded the expectations of those who contributed their time and expertise to this effort for years even prior to the formation of NCCCO.”

But now, after twenty years, the proof of the benefit that nationally recognized certification provides is in the 80% decline in crane-related fatalities where such certification is in place. That’s pretty impressive. Crane operators do a dangerous job and there isn’t room for much error. The consequences of unprofessional standards with heavy equipment are severe because the machine & gravity always are stronger than the human body in an accident.

Mobile Crane Operators Are Safer With NCCCO

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is proud to offer certified crane operator programs that give the education and practical skills needed to obtain NCCCO certification. Thousands of ATS grads are included in last year’s NCCCO milestone of 100,000 persons being rewarded with their CCO certification card. The professional training you get when you go through a nationally certified program pays off in years of working safely. Accidents do happen in cranes, but being NCCCO certified means that fewer of them happen.

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