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Digger Derrick

Digger Derrick Training for utility work

There are an increasing number of homes and new businesses being built around the country, with projects in every state providing new builds or renovating existing structures or repurposing larger developments. However, that construction does not end at the project site, and all this activity means that there is an increase in utility needs and digger derrick operators as well. Couple that with the steady upgrading of utility supply and you find that in every state, utility work is in high demand.

There are a number of skills that are essential for utility work of any kind, but one of the most common is for digger derrick operators. Digger derricks are some of the most versatile heavy equipment in use today, not just in utility work, but in all construction. With a history dating back over 70 years, these machines have adapted to the changes in utility work as the years have passed, until today we have a machine that can dig holes and turn in screw anchors, lift and set poles and transformers, and provide a lift platform for linemen when needed. It is at the core of almost all utility work, and because the machine is, so is the digger derrick operator.

At ATS we provide a comprehensive, accessible training solution that not only gives you the skills to operate a digger derrick accurately, safely, and effectively in any situation but the on-site awareness and confidence to build a successful, lucrative career. Our digger derrick course covers all aspects of operation and includes both classroom-based education as well as practical, hands-on experience with the machines in our dedicated sites. This ensures our students are prepared for the reality of site work, something employers are looking for and appreciate.

With a curriculum that includes all aspects of operation, from the detailed safety-focused operation, including the components of the machine itself, an inspection of all equipment and site evaluation, through to all aspects of the machine operations for its various functions, identifying and dealing with underground hazards, safely pulling poles and operating around overhead utility hazards. From setting the machine up, to stowing the digger derrick components for transport and everything in between is covered in this comprehensive course.

At the end of the course, students are ready to successfully pass both written and practical digger derrick exams administered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). This is a nationally recognized award that employers are looking for, putting students in the best position to launch a successful career in an industry that values their skills. With ATS to guide you, that career could be yours sooner than you think.

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