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Boom Lifts Near Power Lines

Using Boom Lifts Near Power Lines 

The utility industry requires numerous workers to perform different duties. Many of these workers must work in boom trucks and work with or near power lines. To handle these duties, you must have the proper training to ensure the job is done properly and that you remain safe.

Anyone working with a boom truck, there are some specific precautions that must be given consideration. Here are some basic safety procedures for any situation where you will use a boom truck:

  • Always wear a body belt as part of your restraint or tethering and make sure there is a lanyard secured to the basket or boom.
  • Test the lift controls every day before they are used to ensure that they work properly.
  • Don’t sit on the basket sides or climb on the basket, and always keep feet firm on the floor.
  • Don’t exceed the maximum load set by the boom lift manufacturer.
  • Be sure any jerky, sudden movements are avoided so the basket doesn’t collide with power lines or other nearby objects.

Follow Safety Protocol

When you are working in a boom lift near or on power lines, you should always use all the proper protective gear. That gear includes:

  • Tools that are insulated
  • Rubber sleeves and gloves
  • Insulated hard hat
  • Voltage-rated shoes

When working near power lines, use a boom lift that is designed for electrical work. These boom lifts have additional insultation to protect the workers from electrical currents, but remember, only certain parts of the lift may be protected by the insulation.

Here are some details about the insulated buckets:

  • You should never try to alter or modify the basket insulation, as the protection level could be reduced.
  • The portion completely covered by the basket liner is the only potion that is covered by it. Any conductive materials that extend beyond the extend farther than the liner can cause electricity conduction, making it ineffective.

Associated Training Schools (ATS), which was founded in 1959, offers specialized training, including training for individuals who plan to work with cherry pickers, boom lifts, and in the electrical industry. To learn more about the training programs, call (800) 383-7364.

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