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Is That A Truck You’re Driving Or A Hotel On Wheels?

Have you stepped into the cab of a long distance truck lately? Known as a tractor in the business, modern cabs can be real eye openers. You can often get to see inside some of these rigs at truck driver training school open days, or through industry field days, or through regional trade shows. If you get the chance, I suggest you take a closer look.

When you do have a closer look, check out what’s behind the drivers seat. You’ll find a comfortable bunk bed, perhaps a microwave oven and even a television set. I have even seen rigs with a toilet and shower cubicle. These trucks are designed to look after the comfort of a driver when they are forced to take time away from the wheel. For drivers, these rigs are their home away from home – in fact, for some drivers, they are their home.

Long distance truck driving is a career like no other. You spend hours each day on the highway, sometimes traveling from one side of the country to the other – perhaps even across international borders. Truck drivers soon learn the best places to stop and eat, stop and sleep, and even to stop and socialize – and they are a tight-knit community, always ready to help each other.

Does that sound like a career that would interest you? The trucking industry is always in need of new drivers and one of the greatest needs is in long distance driving. Your first step to a successful career as a long distance truck driver is to undertake training that is well respected by the trucking community – and that’s where ATS can help you. Contact us for details on your truck driver training options.

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