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Are You Suited To A Relay Truck Driving Job?

One practice that has been around for a long time is that of relay truck driving. It’s a practice that can be traced back to the stage coach days where stage coach drivers would handle a team for 8-10 hours. Stage coach companies had way points dotted across the country and when a stage coach arrived, the team and the drivers where swapped over allowing the stage coach to continue on its way. The same process is used today, however, we don’t change the horses, just the drivers.

Relay truck driving jobs are ideal for those who don’t mind spending every second night away from home. The job requires a truck driver to take over a load and to drive for 8-10 hours before handing over to another driver. After a break from driving, the truck driver would then take over on the next truck heading towards their home town.

Some relay truck drivers take a permanent night shift while others do a permanent day shift. These jobs typically pay around the $20 per hour rate and you may be required to work six days per week. In most cases, you would work a regular route driving similar trucks with similar loads each day. This is a popular approach by some trucking companies as it keeps their rigs on the road for the maximum number of hours possible each day. In the trucking business, the vehicle is only earning money when its on the go – the moment it stops moving, it’s no longer earning an income.

Relay truck driving is just one of many different types of truck driving jobs. This type of truck driving generally involves large vehicles so a commercial drivers license is essential. Most trucking companies now prefer drivers that have been through a professional truck driver training program along the way to gaining their commercial drivers license. If relay truck driving, or any form of truck driving, appeals to you, contact us at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator School – we can provide the truck driver training and assistance in finding that first truck driving job.

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