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Employees For CDL Training

Employees For CDL Training

There is a big demand for professional drivers who have their CDLs. Many trucking companies and other businesses are now paying for employees to get CDL training and provide a salary while the employee is going through training.

Tuition at truck driving school can cost thousands of dollars. When your employer covers the cost of your training, that is beneficial. That is also ensuring you have a job – and a source of income – after training has been completed.

There are many trucking companies that will cover the cost of CDL training. Some of the better-known companies that will pay for CDL training include:

  • SWIFT Transportation
  • Prime Transportation
  • Knight Transportation
  • PAM Transport
  • FFE Transportation

These companies require an employment contract. If you do not fulfill the contract and leave the place of employment earlier than the contract indicates, you will most likely have to repay your employer for the cost of the training.

Some trucking companies also contract with specific truck driver training schools and CDL programs. While some trucking companies allow you to choose your own school just so long as it meets the requirements and needs of their trucking company.

Professional truck driving is a career that is in demand, and the average salary for a trucker is $50,000. State averages range from a low annual salary of $39,177 in North Carolina to a high annual salary of $56,434 in New Jersey.

Associated Training Services offers heavy equipment training as well as CDL and truck training programs. To learn more about our programs, call (800) 383-7364.

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