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Heavy Equipment Opportunities In New Hampshire

The opportunities for employment in the heavy equipment field are about to get a huge boost in the New Hampshire area with an estimated $259.3 M being spent on highway construction and maintenance alone during the next two years. This is part of the new Economic Stimulus package with additional funding coming from the State budget.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT), $136.6 M will be allocated immediately and the total expenditure includes almost $95 M in new highway and bridge projects. One of the problems that many construction companies are facing as they prepare their tenders for these projects is the lack of suitably skilled construction workers including heavy equipment operators.

New Hampshire alone is expecting to increase its construction workforce by several thousand – that is over and above its current construction workforce. The push now is to get those interested in a career in construction trained to a level where they can be effectively employed. Heavy equipment operator training will be one of the areas of primary focus as they are the first to be employed on most new projects.

Fortunately for residents in New Hampshire, we have a heavy equipment training facility conveniently located in Brentwood. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools provide training in a wide of range of construction related machinery ranging from the bulldozers and excavators through to cranes and trucks (including CDL training).

Heavy equipment operations is going to be one of the employment growth areas over the next twelve months due to the Federal Economic Stimulus package. For heavy equipment training in New Hampshire, check out our website and the training options that may assist you take advantage of this growth.

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