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Demand For Heavy Equipment Operators Set To Boom In Wisconsin

If you’re a heavy equipment operator in Wisconsin then you are going to be in for a busy spring, summer and fall this year. The Federal Recovery Act is providing around $529 million to Wisconsin for state and local highway and bridge projects.

Checking the Wisconsin Job Center web site there are already almost 100 heavy equipment related job advertised with many more starting to appear in newspapers – and the contracts haven’t even been awarded yet. For truck drivers, there are almost 300 jobs being advertised.

One of the key elements of the Recovery Act is that the dollars invested into each state is not just targeted at construction – it is also designed to increase employment within the construction industry – this includes heavy equipment operators. Let’s face it, the majority of construction jobs wouldn’t get off the ground if the heavy equipment operators are not there to prepare the sites.

That is where most states are starting to run into problems. There will be an increasing shortage of skilled and qualified heavy equipment operators. Many project across the nation will commence at roughly the same time and they will all need operators at roughly the same time. They may be highly skilled, but they not skilled enough to be in two place at once.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are doing their part to help ease this skill shortage. For residents of Wisconsin and nearby states, we have a major training facility at Sun Prairie that has been producing skilled heavy equipment operators for the construction industry for many years.

Construction is set to boom across the nation and the requirement for heavy equipment operators will soon increase markedly. For heavy equipment training in Wisconsin, check out ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools. We will a

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