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Infrastructure Construction 2023

Infrastructure Is Booming

According to experts, infrastructure construction and engineering are booming. The Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act (IIJA) is providing $1 trillion-plus in revenue opportunities for engineering and contractors to take on infrastructure projects.

Experts anticipate infrastructure construction to surpass residential construction as the mainstream of revenue for construction companies with large public investments being made readily available. In the past, there has been an underfunding of infrastructure projects, so there is much catching up to do and this provides states, counties, and towns with the opportunity to develop their infrastructure in a way to benefit their communities and businesses.

The American Society of Civil Engineers has released statistics showing that there is a $2.59 trillion gap in investing in infrastructure during the last decade. That means the current state of infrastructure is lacking and the current funding gives government bodies the opportunity to correct problems and improve infrastructure systems.

Where to get training?

With the increase in infrastructure construction and the IIJA funds, there will be an increased need for qualified construction workers. That means that well-trained construction workers are definitely in demand. Workers who can operate different kinds of heavy equipment as well as those who can handle hand tools are a necessity.

If you have not undergone the proper training, you should consider enrolling in a school that offers extensive training in the construction trade. You need to be trained in all aspects of the trade, including safe operation and OSHA guidelines. Contact us for details about our different construction training programs.

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