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California Requires Heavy Equipment Operators For 57 New Projects

California is leading the way when it comes to spending the federal economic stimulus packages. They have already put in place 57 projects which are expected to create 11,000 new jobs if 1% are for new heavy equipment operator positions, that equates to 110 new jobs.

In reality, the number of new positions created could be as high 5% or around 500 new heavy equipment operators. Given the demand on these skills from other states and from projects already commenced and you will have some understanding of the need to train new operators now, ready for the commencement of these projects.

It should also be understood that this is only the start. These are the projects approved to ready to start, there are more in the pipeline. With over $600 million to spend, they are now looking at projects that had in the past been put aside as too expensive. Construction in California is set to boom with demands across all skill levels skyrocketing. Skilled heavy equipment operators can be hard to find during these times due to the cost of training – people can be reluctant to spend when times are tough.

Cost need not be a major factor however. For those looking for heavy equipment training in California, ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools may have the answer to your problems. We have two training facilities in California, one in Victorville and and on in Eldorado Hills. Both facilities deliver comprehensive heavy equipment training.

The good news for those looking to enter the heavy equipment profession is that payment for your training does not necessarily need to be an issue. We have a variety of payment options and there is bound to be one that suits your needs. Just visit our site and complete an online financial assistance for heavy equipment training form. We will generally process the form within 48 hours.

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