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Demand For Heavy Equipment Training In Virginia On The Rise

The demand for heavy equipment training in Virginia is growing and as more details of the federal stimulus program are released. Virginia is expecting to spend almost $700 million on transport infrastructure through the program with $118 million targeting state’s three urban metropolitan areas.

Transport infrastructure of course means roads and rail, areas that are labor intensive. Skilled operators for a variety of heavy equipment machinery will be required especially those that can operate a variety of machinery.

The highest demand will be bulldozer operators, front end loader operators and motor grader operators. Specialist operators will also be in demand to lay paving and to operate roller machinery. Entry level operators will find plenty of employment opportunities as bulldozer and loader operators.

Entry level operators will require formal training before employers even consider their applications. Those individuals who can complete their training now and build some operating hours will find employment even easier – skills and experience are always a big factor.

You can undertake heavy equipment training in Virginia through ATS’ Heavy Equipment Operator School located in Rapidan. The Rapidan school can also deliver truck driver training for those interested in obtaining their Virginia CDL.

Why choose ATS as your heavy equipment training organization? At ATS we believe in providing students with a training program that introduces a wide variety of heavy equipment machinery. You will learn to operate equipment ranging from a motor grader through bulldozers to front end loaders. This will provide you with entry level skills that you can further develop in the workplace.

Having a variety of heavy equipment skills ensures you are more employable. Our heavy equipment training in Virginia has developed a record of excellence with employers often coming to us to source their labor. Are you going to be a part of the economic recovery?

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