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700 Heavy Equipment Operators Needed In Ohio

According to the official Ohio job site, there are currently 732 vacancies for heavy equipment operators with more than 300 paying in excess $40000 per year. That’s a good wage and Ohio isn’t that bad a place to live in.

If you think that is a lot of job vacancies then wait and see what happens when the federal recovery package starts to kick in. The Ohio Department of Transportation currently estimates the recovery package will total approximately $774 million for road and bridge work. This will require even more skilled construction workers including heavy equipment operators.

You will often hear people talking about the slump in construction and the recession we are going through. Whilst it is true there have been job loses, you cannot paint every professional with the same economic brush. When times are tough there are many industries that actually boom. Gambling and alcohol have always been big winners during recessions. I guess people try to win their way out of trouble and when that doesn’t work, they drown their sorrows. Once they sober up they start building and that requires the services of qualified heavy equipment operators.

Governments of course always use construction to try and trigger economic growth. This is why construction is one of the first growth areas in any economic recovery. Heavy equipment operators, from truck and crane drivers through to dozer, excavator and loader drivers are required in almost all areas of construction.

For individuals looking to gain employment in the field of heavy equipment their first step is to undertake training to gain the skills required to work effectively. Those skills can only be gained by attending and completing a thorough heavy equipment training program.

If you’re looking for heavy equipment training in Ohio then the place to be is in Columbus. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a comprehensive training facility in Columbus where you can undertake training in crane operations, truck driving and a broad range of heavy equipment. Most modern equipment uses GPS as part of their navigation so we also provide GPS training.

Who says there is no work available for heavy equipment operators. Nationwide, the demand is growing almost daily. If you’re looking for a career change then consider heavy equipment operations. It can be lucrative and extremely rewarding and right now, the economic recovery efforts needs people with those skills.

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