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Reasons To Seek Training From ATS

If you are wondering whether you should seek training from a heavy equipment training school, let me make it easier for you to decide. Here are seven reasons why I believe you should seek training from a heavy equipment training school today.

  1. You can apply online – It’s never been easier to initiate the career training you need to move ahead professionally. You can apply online with no commitment and no out of pocket expenses right now. There is no obligation just for applying.
  2. A new class every month – You don’t have to wait long to start your training. A new class starts every two to four weeks.
  3. Get your national certification – You can be nationally certified to operate a crane or any heavy equipment. It doesn’t matter which state you get your training in, you’ll be able to work anywhere in the U.S.
  4. Get help finding a job – Associated Training Services (ATS) will help you land your first job through our Career Services Department.
  5. Financial assistance – You don’t have to delay or put off your training due to your financial circumstances. You can get financial aid to start and complete your heavy equipment training. Military personnel can use their veterans benefits. With loans and grants, you can get your training and start your career in just a few weeks.
  6. Train on more equipment – ATS will train you on more equipment than any other training school. You’ll be trained to operate a backhoe, bulldozer, scraper, crane, grader, loader, forklift, rock truck, excavator, and much more.
  7. OSHA-compliant – All ATS training is OSHA-compliant.

There is no reason not to start your heavy equipment training. Start your training today.

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