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Qualification Vs. Certification

Being qualified to perform a certain job and being certified to perform the tasks of that job are two different things. Specifically, we can talk about heavy equipment operations vs. crane operators.

National certification not only qualifies you to be a heavy equipment operator, but it ensures that you can go anywhere in the country and get a job. You can prove that you can handle the tasks of operating heavy equipment on the work site. Because you can prove your qualifications, your national certification contains a value that simple qualification does not.

What do I mean?

To be qualified as a heavy equipment operator, all you need to do is prove you know how to operate the equipment. You don’t need certification for that. Just jump into the driver’s seat and start operating. Certification, however, protects you and your employer from operator error or mishaps beyond your control.

We live in a highly litigant society. Any slight miscalculation can lead to an unfortunate event. If you don’t have the credentials that prove your qualification, then it could be a liability issue – for you and your employer.

That’s why ATS takes heavy equipment certification seriously. We want what is best for employers and employees. When we train you to operate heavy equipment, we certify you and make sure you are ready to start your career on the right foot. What more could you ask for?

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