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Training Programs For Future Operators

You know you’re ready for your next career move. You’ve heard that heavy equipment jobs are opening left and right. They are! But what you aren’t sure about is where to start. Let me offer you five ways to get trained for the heavy equipment career you deserve and want. Here is to the future operators.

Here are five career training programs for future heavy equipment operators:

  1. Crane training – In crane training, you’ll learn all about the various types of cranes and how to operate them. Each type of crane has its own unique features and ATS trains you on all of them. Learn more about heavy equipment crane training today.
  2. Heavy equipment training – Technically, cranes are heavy equipment too. But when we say “heavy equipment,” we’re talking about a broader scope. This class will teach you all about scrapers, bulldozers, graders, backhoes, loaders, and a lot of other types of heavy equipment.
  3. Rigging training – Riggers have a very important job on the work site. We’ll teach you how rigging fits in and show you how to safely carry out the duties and responsibilities of this important job.
  4. Signalperson training – Signalpersons are the controllers of the work site traffic circle. We’ll show you how to maneuver vehicles using ground controls and how to do it safely according to OSHA standards.
  5. Truck driver training – Truck drivers are integral to the work site. Heavy equipment must be transported from the construction company motor pool to the work site. No one is qualified to do that better than the CDL truck driver.

Now is the time to get your career in heavy equipment off the ground. Enroll in the training you need and start today.

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