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Importance of Crane Operators

The Importance of Crane Operators

Crane operators are some of the most skilled people operating on any site, being able to maneuver such large equipment and their loads with such precision can be awe-inspiring to watch. It’s why so many people love cranes, but there is also an inherent danger in crane work, and the potential for accidents is greater than with most other site equipment.

While modern technology, new construction techniques, and increasingly skilled operators mean that accidents today are much rarer than even 30 years ago, every accident is still one too many, and as such, we should never stop looking for ways to eliminate them. Accidents come in all shapes and sizes of course, tipping over in extreme weather is one type of accident that has been seen in recent years, a consequence of the increase in the size of cranes in general. However, many accidents can be attributed to human error, whether that is an operational or communication failure, maintenance deficiencies, or even a failure to follow safe practices by site workers.

The issue of extreme weather is one that can be dealt with through more closely monitoring weather reports, allowing preparation for the conditions, however for others where human error is responsible, then education is the solution. Specific, professional crane operation training is proven to give operators the confidence and knowledge to operate these ever more complex, large cranes more safely. However, it is not just the physical operation of a crane that training can improve, although, with such heavy loads today, that aspect is crucial for onsite safety. For operators, increased training can also help them spot potential safety issues on-site before they occur.

This could be potential communication issues that a specific site brings, it could be worker positioning during the movement of a load or when checking over equipment before the operation to recognize maintenance issues. It is the ability to see a problem before it becomes one, through understanding where the risk is and what it looks like, in every aspect of the crane operator’s job, that makes regular crane operation training so important.

Crane Operator Training

As every year cranes are becoming larger and more complex, so the need for training on these new machines becomes more important, the need to understand all aspects of operation, including safety being critical. With larger loads, larger cranes, tighter deadlines, and tighter budgets ensuring that crane operation remains as safe as possible increases the responsibility placed on operators and site management. While errors can never be completely eliminated, having the required training provides operators with the skills and knowledge to operate a crane safely, and just as importantly, recognize where issues for the safety of the crane and those around it could be compromised before an accident occurs. Crane operator training today is not just important, it is essential.

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  1. That is really cool that crane operators are some of the most skilled people operating on any site. It is really impressive that there are people actually controlling those huge machines. I agree, that it would be very important to make sure that you stay up to date on training since everything seems to keep getting larger and more complex.

  2. Yup, your argument that crane operators are crucial in maintaining the level of security among other nearby personnel is something no one could ever deny. My niece just got selected to work as a part-timer at a construction site near her house and she’s been asked to monitor the condition of a crane there. I’ll make sure she won’t forget this tip when carrying out the job later on.

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