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Lattice Crane

Lattice Crane Training

Lattice cranes, also called lattice boom cranes, are transported by trucks and then assembled on site. Lattice cranes have high capacities and long boom lengths, making them perfect for various applications. There are many configurations of lattice cranes, and their modular design gives them the flexibility to adapt the crane to the specific needs of the project for which it is being used. ATS offers lattice crane training and certifications.

Not all lattice boom cranes are the same. There are three different kinds of these cranes. Here are the options:

  • Crawler cranes – These cranes have the advantage of moving with heavy loads for short distances. It has a maximum capacity of 1.600 tons. Because of its compact design, it is an excellent choice if there is a project where there is a limited workspace.
  • Outrigger cranes – These cranes consist of a truck crane and the pedestal crane. The pedestal crane is used for projects that are stationary and are capable of transporting up to 2.000 tons. It can be set up rather quickly, providing a lower cost for operation. The truck crane is a substructure made up of a multi-axle truck. This is a highly mobile crane and is drivable on public roadways while carrying up to 750 tons.
  • Ring cranes – These are versatile and innovative cranes capable of heavy lifting, which can be used to accommodate the needs of the mining, oil and gas, refinery, nuclear power plants, and offshore platforms.

Crane operators must undergo extensive training and have the proper knowledge to operate a crane safely. Associated Training Services (ATS) offers crane training and has a new lattice crane to help students learn everything they need to know about crane assembly and operation.

Mobile Crane Operator Training

ATS has three different levels of mobile crane operator training. Here are the three levels are broken down for students:

  • The first level focuses on hydraulic cranes and large hydraulic cranes.
  • The second level focuses on lattice boom cranes and articulated boom cranes.
  • The third level focuses on tower cranes and digger derricks.

During the programs, students learn to safely operate the cranes and obtain crane operator certification through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). To learn more about the programs, call ATS at (800) 383-7364.

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