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Modular Homes

Modular Homes, an opportunity for cranes

Homes are becoming more expensive, and ways of reducing costs, for the builder and the buyer, have been in demand for some time. One of the most popular ways to reduce both cost and site construction time has been the Modular Homes approach.

Modular homes, also known as factory-built, system-built, or even prefabs (short for prefabricated), are not new. In fact, after WW2, thousands of prefabs were used to rebuild the housing stock in the UK, it’s a tried and tested approach that has now been completely refined.

The Difference in Modular Homes

What set these modern modular homes apart from the standard constructed homes we are used to, is that they are built in parts in factories, and then shipped to the site to be assembled on permanent foundations. To ensure strength and longevity, building regulations for modular homes are very precise, and often exceed the requirements of traditionally built homes.

This approach does two things, first, it reduces overall construction costs, with only the final installation being done on-site, they are not affected by weather or other delays as can happen on-site. The production line nature of the component pieces of the home means that they can be produced much more quickly without sacrificing any quality, benefiting everyone.

Secondly, on-site, construction is simple. First, the new foundations are laid, as there would be for any new home, after that, the components are shipped to the site and then put together. With the bulk of the work done in the factory, a new home can be completed in just a few weeks, much faster than the traditional approach. However, many people think that this comes at a cost, with modular homes all looking exactly the same, you have to take what is on offer. That used to be the case, but today, modular homes are customizable, and you really can create the home of your dreams with the modular approach, and also save a lot of money in the process.

One of the biggest challenges on any site is the delays due to weather issues, and for all-year-round construction projects such as home building, this can be a particular issue. For anyone working on-site, that causes a lot of issues, and a faster process that avoids such delays is beneficial to everyone. The modular home sections arrive complete, and they are lifted into position using a crane. Each section is added in turn until the house is finished, a little like putting Lego bricks together to make a structure.

Modular homes are growing in popularity thanks to fast construction and cheaper costs when compared with traditional homes, this is not only good for home buyers but represents a valuable, year-round opportunity for crane operators. Home construction is changing, and modular homes are definitely the homes of the future.

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