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Kinds of mobile cranes

4 Kinds of Mobile Crane Operators

In truth, there is only one kind of mobile crane operator–a trained one. But there are 4 main types of mobile cranes that a trained operator may work on. These mobile cranes are known as:

  1. Fixed cab – The cab is that part of the crane where the driver sits. In a fixed cab crane, the driver is stationary because the cab doesn’t move. The crane operator is always looking forward.
  2. Swing cab – The swing cab swivels. It allows the driver to turn to see what is behind him more easily. A swing cab mobile crane is handy on some construction sites because of the nature of the work. If you do a lot of maneuvering and moving in the crane, forward and back, and with a 360-degree awareness scenario, the swing cab crane is a mighty handy tool.
  3. Lattice boom – The boom is that part of a crane that does the heavy lifting. It is the arm of the crane that can raise high above the cab and is used for lifting items off the ground. In a lattice boom crane, the lifting is usually done in a straight up-and-down movement.
  4. Hydraulic boom – Also called telescopic boom cranes, these creatures are very flexible. The boom is maneuverable in multiple directions simultaneously. It can raise up and down like a lattice boom, but the arm can also be extended and retracted. On top of that, the boom can rotate left or right.

Interested in being a mobile crane operator? Learn how to operate all four types of cranes.

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