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Crane Operators and Their Team

When you see a mobile crane operator doing amazing things like precisely placing a steel beam, you actually see teamwork. Without riggers, spotters, and signalers that crane operator would be working blind. The team that a mobile crane operator is a part of is a group of highly trained specialists. That’s why ATS offers a variety of specialties in our Mobile Crane Operator Certification Training:

  • NCCCO Certification including preparation & testing
  • Fixed and Swing Cab Mobile Hydraulic Cranes
  • Lattice Boom Cranes
  • Articulated Boom (knuckleboom) Cranes
  • Rigging / Signalperson Training and Certification

It isn’t just classroom lectures, either, because in order to know what to do on this team you have to get in-the-seat training. Set-up, load dynamics, lift planning, rigging, and signaling is explained and then they are done. Doing it gives every team member the experience that helps you remember the lessons on the job.

The NCCCO certification is nationally recognized as a mark of excellence. A team made up of this level of professional is a team that earns top wages for a job well done. Each member of the team knows what to do, from the rigger who safely attaches the load to the crane and guides it to the spotter who watches for hazards like power lines.

The crane operator keeps an eye on both to get up-to-the-second information about the process. These extra eyes keep everyone safe in a dangerous work environment. Signals are used to communicate clearly despite the noise of the machinery.

Associated Training Services provides the training that each team member needs to do the job well. The Mobile Crane Operator Certification Training you get at ATS equips you for a career in this lucrative field.

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