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Celebrating Cranes and Operators

No new job leads this week. For last week’s leads, check out last Saturday’s job listings.

One thing you may notice about last week’s heavy equipment job listings is that there were a few crane operator openings around the nation. That’s a good thing. Crane operators make good things happen.

What Do Crane Operators Do?
On many work sites, crane operators are the heavy equipment specialists who move large objects and material from one location to another. They operate various types of cranes using levers, foot pedals, wheels, and other navigational instruments to get the job done.

They may also be responsible for making minor repairs to their equipment and routine maintenance. Usually, they are responsible for setting up and inspecting moving equipment before operation.

Crane operators may be called upon to operate a variety of types of heavy equipment in a variety of work environments. For instance, one day they may be in a warehouse moving pallets with forklifts and conveyor belts. The next day they may be on a construction site moving lumber or dirt and rock. Telephone companies use cranes for lifting their workers into the air for tree trimming.

Who Hires Crane Operators?
A lot of different industries and types of companies hire crane operators. Here’s a sampling of the types of employers you may work for as a crane operator:

  • The military
  • Defense contractors
  • Construction companies
  • Mining operations
  • Trucking companies
  • Shipping industry
  • Fisheries
  • Oil & gas exploration companies
  • Logging operations
  • Utility companies

And that’s not all. There are a ton of different types of businesses and industries that employ crane operators. Heavy Equipment School celebrates the crane operator as an essential part of today’s workforce. Learn how you can become a certified crane operator right now.

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