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Loaders Can Be The Easiest Entry Into A Heavy Equipment Career

Loaders come in all shapes and sizes ranging from the little skid steer type loaders up to giant earth moving machines – and I do mean giants. For many of us, the most common type of loader seen is the standard wheeled loader or front end loader. You typically see these on most building sites carrying dirt, sand or gravel to where it is needed. The second most common type would be the mini loaders or skid steer loaders. These are popular with landscape gardeners and hire yards.

While I wouldn’t belittle operators by saying that loaders were easy to operate, they are at least one of the easiest units of heavy equipment to learn to operate. As such they can be the easiest path into a career as a heavy equipment operator. This is the path that many operators take, starting with loaders and moving up to backhoes, excavators and bulldozers further down the track.

Most heavy equipment training programs include all of these units in their training repertoire. Once you graduate you will have some knowledge and experience on a range of equipment. Loaders may just be the least competitive field when it comes to job opportunities. The field of heavy equipment operations can have a career path – it’s just not so easy to map out as everyone has different attributes. Loaders can be seen as the start of that career path.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools provides training on a wide range of heavy equipment including loaders, backhoes, excavators and bulldozers. At the end of your three week training period, you are ready to enter the workforce as a trained and skilled heavy equipment operator. You can choose to specialize in any unit of heavy equipment, however, you may find that loaders are your easiest entry.

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