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Learn To Work Loaders

One of the things you’ll learn in a good heavy equipment school are the different types of loaders you’ll find on the job. And you’ll learn how to operate them too.

You’ll learn the difference between a bucket loader and a payloader, for instance. Important questions like “Why do some loaders have wheels and others have tracks” will be answered. Plus, you’ll learn why some loaders have scoops and some have shovels. And you’ll learn how to use these tools in a safe, effective manner on the work site.

Front end loaders, skid loaders, swing loaders … the list goes on. Why do we have them and what do they do?

When you enroll in the ATS Heavy Equipment School, you’ll learn the answers to all of these questions and more. More importantly, when you graduate, you’ll be well qualified to operate any type of loader on the job site, and you’ll be employable in your state, ready for hire. ATS will even help you get your first job.

One of the things that students say they like about our training is that they get plenty of practical field training. We don’t just sit you in a classroom and lecture you.

Don’t get me wrong. You’ll get your classroom lectures too, but that’s not where you learn to operate heavy machinery. You learn by doing, in the ATS Heavy Equipment School you’ll get plenty of opportunities to ‘do’. That includes all types of loaders.

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