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We Help You To Learn How To Operate Heavy Equipment

Have you ever seen a piece of heavy equipment with two seats in the cabin? No! Didn’t think so. It is extremely difficult to ‘teach’ someone how to operate any equipment. We can teach you safety features, and we can teach you basic maintenance, teaching you operate is a different story.

The real issue is not so much what we teach, but what you learn. When it comes to heavy equipment you will learn more by doing than by watching. Once you start operating the equipment we can provide advice on what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and what areas you could do a little differently. You job is take the advice as part of a lesson, not as a form of criticism.

In education, there is an old saying that goes something like this:

“The teacher is present when the student is ready to learn.”

In other words, unless you are willing to learn, a teacher is useless – we cannot teach a brick wall to do anything. This is very true when it comes to heavy equipment. We provide you with the opportunity to learn how to operate the equipment. We cannot help you at all unless you are ready to learn, not from a blackboard, but from sitting in the seat and doing.

For some students, it all comes naturally. For others, they need to keep practicising until they get it right. Operating heavy equipment is a combination of eyes, hands, feet, and, believe it or not, your backside. You need to feel the equipment – become one with it. You will soon learn that what you feel with your hands and feet is what is happening now. What you feel with your backside has already happened.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools give you every opportunity to learn to operate equipment. If your ready to start learning, we are ready to start your learning.

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