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Don’t Underestimate Loaders – They Do The Work Of 20 Men

I think there are times when we underestimate the value of simple machinery like loaders. On the face of it, they have a limited range of tasks and most of those are related to carrying. They can’t dig very well, they are not really suited to any bulldozing and they can’t do a lot when it comes to demolition, except carry away the demolished material.

With that sort of description, who would want to operate one? In fact, who would want to undertake loader training? However, if you stop and think about what they can do, it’s a different story. A loader can move an awful lot of material in a very short time. Take loading sand into a truck. It would take at least 20 men at least an hour to load a pile of sand into a truck. In fact, getting it into the truck would be the difficult part. Perhaps they could use a couple of buckets tied to rope. The loader, of course, could move the pile in two or three scoops.

It’s not recommended these days, but in the past many tradesman relied on the scoop to raise them high enough to perform special tasks. Cherry pickers or specialist hoists do the job these days. Loaders can also be used, in a limited way, to level out the ground. This is done by adding loose material with the scoop being used like a giant rake to level out the loose material.

Almost every building site has a loader of some shape and size, even if it’s just a compact loader. They are versatile when it comes to carrying and moving objects, whether it is loose material like sand and dirt or solid material like rock and concrete. They are also useful for moving hardware like pipes, steel or timber and any other object that will fit into its scoop.

Loader operators are always in demand, which is fortunate since loaders can also be one of the easiest ways into the heavy equipment industry. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can have you qualified and in the operator seat of a loader in just three weeks. Call us and find out how.

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