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Loaders – The Busiest Bee On A Construction Site

Show me a construction site and I can almost guarantee that the busiest piece of equipment is a loader. They are versatile pieces of equipment capable of moving material like dirt, sand or debris from one place to another, loading trucks, or carrying anything heavy. Life as a loader operator is just as busy and it takes someone who can remain extremely alert to safely operate one.

Safety on a construction site is always important and it is particularly true of a loader operator. Their equipment is fast compared to most other equipment. Loaders are also fairly nimble, often able to get into places that other equipment cannot. Because of that speed and versatility, operators cannot afford to become complacent. They can quickly come upon an area busy with workers who themselves may be oblivious to the loader’s presence.

Being able to operate a loader in a busy environment is just one skill that an operator requires. They also need good depth perception when emptying a load into a truck. Without that depth perception, they could empty half the contents back onto the ground.

Loaders are one of the pieces of equipment that ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools includes in its heavy equipment training program. This training program is undertaken over three weeks with students gaining sufficient knowledge and skills to be in a position to commence employment as operators. There are not many careers that can start with a three week training program and have you work ready. If you are looking for a change in career and you think you can handle the hustle and bustle associated with being a loader operator, contact ATS and we can discuss your loader operator training options.

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