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Financial Assistance For Your Training

Financial Assistance for your training

You have seen the incredible opportunity the industry represents and know that is the career you want. You see the stability and earning power of such jobs, so it makes sense, but the problem is that adequate training is essential, and while we at ATS do everything in our power to keep the costs as low as possible, we know…

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ATS Works With Agencies To Provide Job Training

A lot of agencies are out there working with folks to help them find the training that will give them employability. The problem is, those agencies usually have very specific rules they must follow in the process, and one of the specifics usually needed is a training school with the right certifications and accreditation. That isn't the only thing needed…

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Save Your Gas Money For Getting To Work

You know, once you graduate you will need gas money to get to work. Why spend it on getting back and forth to school during training? ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School offers Housing Assistance¬†as part of the financial package we offer. This means you can live at the Water Tower Residence Inn while you are in training and wait…

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There Really Is Financing Available

Sometimes, the statement that "financing is available" is part of a used car salesman's spiel, and that financing ends up being kind of like the bait on a hook to reel you in and saddle you with a clunker that doesn't last as long as the payment schedule. This is NOT what happens at ATS. Financing really is available, and…

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Are You Working With An Agency?

A lot of the time, our students come to us through an agency they are working with to find employment. It might be a job relocation, or veterans' assistance, or school counselors. It could be any one of the many government agencies designed to help people get a job and keep it. And if you are the one interested in…

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