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Don’t Navigate Financial Aid Alone

It is definitely overwhelming to look at all the financial aid stuff, right? There are a lot of long forms to fill out, and the nagging suspicion you might miss some very important thing. There’s also the fear that potential financial aid is going to be overlooked, and it’s a real possibility if you do your financial aid applications by yourself.

The reason why ATS has a Financial Assistance department is that the people who need financial help the most are those who are least likely to know how to find their way to the best financial aid for their circumstance. But the people who work in  ATS Financial Assistance do this all the time and know what to do.

We Know Where The Money Is

There are many ways to get money for school and lots of different programs that can help pay for tuition and housing if the school is eligible. Because ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is an eligible training provider in 22 states and we have relationships with hundreds of government funding agencies all over the country, we know how to find the financial assistance you qualify for and how to apply for those programs.

Working with thousands of students to do the paperwork for grants and loans develops an understanding of how the process works. Getting experience by problem-solving when snags occur works out for the good when the next student hits the same snag. Our financial assistance department works with you to get through the process of applying for help and stays with you to get started on your future career as a professional heavy equipment operator.

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