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ATS Works With Agencies on Job Training

A lot of agencies are out there working with folks to help them find the training that will give them employability. The problem is, those agencies usually have very specific rules they must follow in the process, and one of the specifics usually needed is a training school with the right certifications and accreditation.


That isn’t the only thing needed for the paperwork –so ATS gets lots of contact with agencies and agency counseling services who need labor market information:

  • Heavy equipment Wages and earning potential
  • The employment outlook for specific industries
  • Job descriptions and other occupational details
  • Heavy equipment operator working conditions

Agency counselors ask questions about our history, training program descriptions, employment assistance details, Eligible Training Provider status and anything else that needs to go in the forms they use. It’s part of the paperwork and we do it all the time.

Who Can Contact ATS?

Any agency that works with training providers to get people to work has probably already contacted ATS if they are looking for a reputable, qualified program to train heavy equipment operators, crane operators, rigging/signalpersons, or truck drivers. Since ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School has been in existence since 1996, there have been many years to build a reputation for excellence. Here’s a short list of agencies we have worked with:

  • Government employment offices
  • Departments of workforce development
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
  • Dislocated worker retraining programs
  • Trade Readjustment Act (TAA)
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
  • State Departments of Veterans Affairs
  • Federal Veterans Administration
  • Other agencies that help people find employment

If the agency you are working with is interested in talking to us, send them the link to ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School.

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