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Save Your Gas Money For Getting To Work

You know, once you graduate you will need gas money to get to work. Why spend it on getting back and forth to school during training? ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School offers Housing Assistance as part of the financial package we offer. This means you can live at the Water Tower Residence Inn while you are in training and wait to spend money on gas when you are getting a paycheck.

There are both single and double rooms, and each one has air conditioning, color TV with cable, and a small refrigerator. You can keep snacks and drinks available during your study time and be comfortable. When you need to do laundry, there are facilities on site. If you want to hang out in the game room, it’s right there.

You won’t be far from restaurants, grocery stores, and stuff like that. You also aren’t far from ATS so the savings on gas are pretty substantial. We’ve found that students appreciate the location and amenities of the Water Tower Inn and that lifelong friendships can be made after class.

You’ll get to know a lot of people studying for different industries, too. The Water Tower Inn is used by Diesel Truck Driver Training School as well as ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School, and since classes start all year round there’s always someone new to talk to.

Offering housing assistance has proven to be a good way to let students save their money and their energy while they focus on learning the skills that will enhance their future career.

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