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How Long Does It Take To Process Financial Aid?

When you are looking at your options for career training, financial aid is a big part of it. Once you get all your information (including your driver’s license) into the financial aid office at Associated Training Services, it can be processed in about two days — that’s not too long for such a big result. You can use fax, regular mail, or submit your application process online.

Because ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is accredited, many types of state and federal government programs recognize us as a legitimate recipient of educational grants and loans. Here are a few of the possible routes to help finance your training:

  • veterans can use military benefits
  • tribal education grants
  • displaced workers and farmers
  • various workforce development programs

ATS can even help high school students train for careers through high school achievement scholarships! And, did you know that a career loan can be used for housing and related expenses? As long as the money is used on living expenses incurred while training, it’s part of your career costs. The entire financial aid process is pretty confusing, and there are a lot of possible routes you can take to paying for the training you need to get started in your career as a heavy equipment operator.

Fortunately, our Financial Assistance department is staffed by experienced people who work with this stuff all the time, and know how to navigate the confusing possibilities correctly. We can help you through the application process and get you started with an understanding of what your costs will be and what financial assistance you can qualify for, and it can happen in just a few days.

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