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Nationally Accredited Training Starts Here

The economy is taking a real beating. That’s not news to anyone, but we all know that the Federal Government is doing it’s best to kick start things by putting aside money for construction projects that will require a specialized workforce of trained heavy equipment operators.
A New Era
These are the folks that will lead America into a new era but they need to be trained so that the work they do and the environment that do it in will be safe for everyone involved. And that’s where the Associated Training Services Network comes in. These are the folks that have everything that people need to start a new career. All the programs that are offered here are nationally recognized and acclaimed.
You’ll get the complete package here and the actual hands on training on all the high demand heavy equipment that includes,

    -road graders
    -rock trucks

And the training goes beyond the actual hands on to give the students the instruction in the other aspects they need. Associated Training Services is the place that goes above and beyond when it comes to the the kind of maintenance and saftey issues that you’ll need to master as well.

Here’s the place that has the comprehensive package that will get you that job as a heavy equipment operator and start you down that path to the new career that you’ve been thinking about for years.
Remember the name. Associated Training Services has the history and the accreditation to get it done right.

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