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Unemployment Rate At Its Lowest

Unemployment rate at its lowest

Unemployment rate is at its lowest in 60 years, and what it means for your career Low unemployment rate is not something we normally see, but they can and do have an impact on our students and their careers after qualifying, so it’s important to look at what the current record setting lows actually mean. Its 60 years since the…

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Skid Steers – All you need to know

Skid steers are the small, upright, rigid framed vehicles that are common on almost any construction site you visit. They get their name from the simple way they are maneuvered around, with the wheels on each side mechanically locked together. Usually having four wheels, to turn a skid steer, the operator changes the rotation speed of the wheels on one…

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Infrastructures Moving Forward In Wisconsin

Infrastructures moving forward in Wisconsin

There has been a lot of talk about the need for investment in infrastructures, and while the biggest projects are still at early stages, Wisconsin is seeing a lot of construction activity focused on reinvigorating transport connections and providing the safe road solutions that we all need. There is a drive for resurfacing that covers all areas of the state…

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Veterans Are Rebuilding America

Veterans are rebuilding America

Veterans have protected this country, and now, along with so many others, they are part of a countrywide effort to rebuild it, providing the infrastructure that the future of America will be powered by, and we are honored to be able to play a small part in that. As both state and federal governments are focusing on infrastructure, and the…

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Having The Right Clothes For The Site

Having the right clothes for the site

Every course we teach includes a section that refers to safety on site, and it is something that is incredibly important for every heavy equipment operator, every day. However, part of that dedication to safety includes the clothes we wear, but what do you need to look out for to get the right safety clothing when on site? Boots Having…

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Nationally Recognized Credentials

Nationally recognized credentials

Whatever career you are looking at within the heavy machinery or trucking industry, whether crane operator, haul truck driver or something else, the journey begins with high-quality training and national credentials. Here is where you hone your skills, in the classroom and on site, to be able to operate in a safe, effective manner, enabling any student to build a…

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