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Construction Is Not The Only User Of Heavy Equipment

When most people think of heavy equipment they think of bulldozers, front end loaders and perhaps backhoes and with it they think construction. However, heavy equipment is used a lot in other areas such as mining, forestry, quarrying, and in industrial settings.

One area that uses heavy equipment on a regular basis is in the field of recycling. Front end loaders are common and at times backhoes, particular with specialized attachments. In some areas, you may even find bulldozers hard at work push recycled materials around.

Heavy equipment has one big advantage over the human hands, I don’t mean how much can moved. Human hands are soft and easily damaged. Broken glass, scrap metal, they are all hazardous to out health – but not to the bulldozer, front end loader or backhoe.

Operating heavy equipment in this environment is rarely boring. In fact, it sometimes takes highly skilled operators to work successfully in this environment. Being able to keep the conveyor belts, furnaces or crushes filled all the time is demanding – you are on the go all the time – and the pile doesn’t get any smaller because the trucks keep bringing in new material all the time.

You could be working as part of a recycling team once you complete your training as a heavy equipment operator. Operators are in demand now so this is a good time to gain qualifications.

ATS heavy Equipment Operator Schools has had over 45 years experience training individuals for successful careers as heavy equipment operators. If you feel a career as a heavy equipment operator is right for you then contact us now – classes are filling quickly given the current demand for operators.

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