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California Needs Heavy Equipment Operators – Lots Of Them Too

Heavy equipment operators will be in high demand around the country. This will be particularly true in California which now has a total of 1,971 “shovel-ready” construction projects — in dollar terms that is about $23.2 billion ( Let’s forget the dollars and look at the projects.

If these projects are designed as rolling starts – that is one starts as another finishes, they would be at for around 100 years. Obviously that’s not going to work. The only way it can work is by having as many construction crews available as possible. To get the projects completed within the correct time frame, they are going need plenty of workers and that includes trained heavy equipment operators.

That equates to over 20,000 jobs in construction – if 10% of those are in heavy equipment, and it is most likely much more, that is still a minimum of 2,000 heavy equipment operators required. Where will they come from? Many are already qualified and if construction cannot find the operators locally, you can be sure they will try to lure interstate operators.

The answer is much easier – train locals to fill these positions. There are many individuals who would love a change of career, getting out from behinds desks or cash registers and out into the fresh air. Now is the perfect time to seek out heavy equipment training in California as once you are trained and ready to go, the job market will be booming.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have two campuses in California, one in Victorville and one in Eldorado Hills and they both deliver heavy equipment training. Heavy equipment training through ATS is accredited and recognized nationally – this means your skills are portable and you can apply for employment in all states. With almost 2,000 construction projects ready to start – will you be ready to start with them. Don’t do what many others will do – wait and see – by then it’s too late.

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