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Backhoe Operators On Call 24-7

Backhoe operators can be on call 24 hours a day seven days a week as they are the perfect heavy equipment to assist in emergency repairs of services. The backhoe is relatively easy to move from one job to another and has the capability to work in small spaces – a factor often required when working around homes, buildings and street kerbs.

Humans seem to have a fascination these days with burying everything. It understandable for water, waste water and gas piping to be placed underground. However, we are now placing electricity, telephone and the new fiber optic cables underground as well. As soon as there is a problem, we have to start digging.

A good backhoe operator can dig around pipes and underground cabling with precision exposing the area required without doing any damage. Everyday (and every night), somewhere in a major city you will find a backhoe operator at work helping out in an emergency situation. A broken water main, a leaking waste water pipe or perhaps a gas leak. Of course, there are the times when someone has accidently dug through a telephone or power cable as well.

Operating a backhoe with precision takes experience and that experience is built on the back of a solid backhoe training program. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have had decades of experience training individuals for careers in heavy equipment, this includes backhoe training. If you don’t mind being on call 24/7, helping out in urgent situations and enjoy working outdoors, then a career as a backhoe operator maybe just waiting for you – feel free to contact us for more information.

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