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Did You Drive A Dump Truck?

Were you the kid who loved to play in the dirt or the sandbox? If you were, you probably had a toy dump truck that you used to haul piles of stuff from one end of your space in the dump it in another spot. It was fun to fill up the truck and then watch the whole load tip and dump where you wanted it to. Would you like to drive a dump truck now?

That childhood activity is the reason some people decide they want to be a dump truck driver. And you know what? They still think it is fun to get the truck full and take the whole load over to where they can tip up the bed and dump it where it needs to go. There are some special skills to learn before you can be a dump truck driver, but being interested in the activity makes that training the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

Dump truck drivers need their CDL because the trucks usually go over public roads. They should know how to operate the big trucks accurately, and be acquainted with the safety measures involved. A good dump truck driver can generally be found on the job year-round because they are usually the last piece of machinery that comes to a stop.

When you get your Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) at ATS, you learn how to transport heavy equipment and drive tankers as well as becoming proficient in dump truck operations. You will get trained on safely hauling many materials and be able to work in any industry.

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