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Bulldozer Don’t Just Push Dirt Around

To most casual observers, a bulldozer looks like a huge machine with a blade at the front that is used to push dirt around. They are partly correct. A bulldozer is used to push dirt around and it does a mighty good job too. But that isn’t the only job for a bulldozer.

With many bulldozers, have a look at the rear end. There you will find a massive pick. This is used to scrape the ground and loosen up the dirt. There is a real skill to using the pick – actually called a ‘ripper’.

The tool gets it name from the job it does – ripping up the ground to make it easier for the blade to get in and push away the dirt. Rippers are used when the ground is particularly hard. I can also be used to break up and drag out concrete and hard road surfaces.

Bulldozers that have a ripper attached are often duel controlled. Face the front to operate the blade and swing your seat around to face the rear and there you will find the rippers controls.

If you have a slightly destructive nature and like tearing things up, getting a job as a bulldozer operator may just the right career for you. You can break up the ground using the ripper then dozer out all the loose material.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can provide all the training required to get you started as bulldozer operator.

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