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It’s Summer And That Means Fires – Call In The Dozers

One of the most valuable jobs that a bulldozer operator can be called in to do is to help with fires, bush fires that is.

It’s summer and with summer come the wild bush fires that sweep many areas of North American continent. When ever these fires break out bulldozer operators are called in to create huge fire breaks, fire breaks wide enough to prevent the inferno jumping and restarting its deadly march.

As a skilled bulldozer operator you could be placed in this position at some time in your life. For once, accuracy in gouging out a nice neat section is thrown out the window. Instead, moving as much of the flammable material as possible in the shortest period of time is the order of the day.

It is not as easy as it sounds. The fire can often be seen in the distance as it makes it way towards you. Your life is often at risk, but then so too are the lives of many others if you don’t get the job done quickly and effectively.

It’s not just fire season that you could be asked to create a fire break. Late spring and early autumn are often good times to create fire breaks – before the fires start and before the undergrowth becomes to thick to remove.

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