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How Long Does It Take To Train A Dozer Operator?

How long does it take to train a bulldozer operator. In fact, how long does it take to train any type of heavy equipment operator?

Believe it or not, two hours. Yes 2 hours. If, that is, the person wants to be trained. If they have their heart and soul into learning how to operate a piece of heavy equipment like a bulldozer.

After 2 hours you should have the basics down pat and able to do simple jobs. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot more hours than that to become a competent operator of heavy equipment. You need to learn safety issues, pre startup inspections, minor maintenance jobs and a variety of other topics.

However, the basics can be taught in two hours. If at the end of two hours of intensive one-to-one in the drivers seat training you cannot undertake simple tasks, then heavy equipment operation may not be for you. I say may not, rather than ‘is not’ because everyone is different and some people just require more practice.

You can help your own cause by learning or at least assessing your own abilities at tasks like assessing distances, assessing levels, angles or slopes and assessing size. These are all attributes that help to speed up the learning curve of new operators.

If you think your heart and soul is into heavy equipment operation and your comfortable with some of the other associated skills then heavy equipment operation could be your ideal career option. Check us out at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools where you can start your training at no cost through our online training system.

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