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Dump Truck – Skilled Drivers

If you can drive a dump truck, there is winter work available right now for those skilled drivers. This is because a dump truck chassis is the base of many winter service vehicles, so the ability to operate the truck through all the variables of the job is a valued ability indeed. Since there is a lot of load shifting and the truck is generally pretty heavy, it takes skill to do the precise maneuvers necessary in snow removal.

Dump truck drivers aren’t just taking a load from one point to the next, that load is literally dumped by tipping the truck bed and that changes the center of gravity. You could be doing some spreading of the load, too — gradually losing a little bit of your pile of salt or grit by using an attached tool to spin it out or by opening the bottom of your gate as you tip the bed. Either way, it takes skill.

“Only Skilled Drivers Need Apply”

Most of the ads and signage you’ll see telling the public that CDL drivers are needed will say that “only skilled drivers need to apply.” What that means is they don’t want to mess around training somebody to do the job because they want the work done immediately.

Where do dump truck drivers get those skills? at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School. You can learn to be a dump truck driver in just a few weeks, and your training will include more than just driving a dump truck. The skills you get at ATS enable you to get a job as soon as you graduate because employers know and respect our reputation.

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