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Who Needs A Dump Truck?

If there’s a big pile of something to be moved out of the way, chances are pretty good that some type of dump truck will be used to do the job. These big trucks are great for hauling loads of things that are able to be tipped out and dumped someplace else. The advantage of a dump truck is you can fill it up with smaller scoops but dump it in one operation.

There are many styles of dump trucks, and it isn’t always called a dump truck. The mining industry uses the term “haul truck”, for instance, but the basic idea is the same. The ways the load can be dumped vary, too, depending on the style of truck. But whatever you call it, and however the load is dumped, the operator needs the appropriate license in order to meet industry standards.

In most cases, that license is a CDL with specific additional certifications or training as needed for the job being done.

Where To Look For Dump Truck Jobs

If you are hoping to drive a dump truck and have the appropriate training with your Class-A CDL, the first place to start looking is the Employment Assistance Services if you are an ATS student or graduate. There’s lifetime job placement help here. But there’s also a lot of dump truck jobs around you if you look carefully.

Anyplace that is generating a big pile of stuff will need to move it out of the way, right? That could be landscapers, construction companies, mining or quarry operations, even the garbage service. After all, a garbage truck is essentially a highly specialized dump truck that collects smaller amounts until it’s full and then unloads it in one operation at the dump.

As long as people generate mountains of stuff, we are going to need some kind of dump truck to deal with it efficiently.

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