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Get Your Dump Truck Driver Training

Driving your dump truck is one of the greatest pleasures of the construction work site. These guys carry heavy loads short distances, and without them, the work site’s efficiency would plummet through the ground.

If you’ve ever driven a standard transmission vehicle, then you already understand one of the most important things about dump trucks.

You have a clutch.

Something else that is important to remember about dump trucks is that you need to keep the bed lowered while driving – even if you aren’t carrying a load. The bed has a lip that hangs over the cab. When it is raised, the lip could get caught on low hanging wires or short clearances. The last thing in the world you want while driving a dump truck is an accident.

In the cab, there is a lever next to the gear shift that locks the bed. A button on the dash raises and lowers the bed. You’ll have to get well practiced in using it. Excellent dump truck drivers can move the vehicle and dump a load at the same time to keep the load smooth and even, relatively speaking.

Driving a dump truck isn’t difficult, but you do need to be trained by a safety-conscious guide with experience.

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  1. Already have a CDL but not good with manual transmission. Also I wants more emphasis on dump truck driving. Can I know what this refresher course will cost me and duration.

    1. We can help you with obtaining your Class-A CDL which will allow you to drive dump truck. Please contact us at 800-332-7364 for more information. Thanks

    2. Hello I’m looking for dump truck driving training in the Phoenix area. I’m already CDL certified with air brakes and passengers . I’m willing to go and get my Hazmat to add. Can someone please send in the right direction???

      1. I’m sorry we are a school that teaches heavy equipment operation which includes dump truck and rock trucks. Would you be interested in that?

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